Visit To Skardu

Since childhood I had an aspiration to visit the stunning Northern Area area of Skardu. I planned it more often than not but the plans cannot materialize on account of one reason or another. Then, the way it happened, the visit to Skardu was planned and implemented using a very short notice when both of us are not guessing it.

I ended up being to meet my lifetime friend Riz within his office in Islamabad to bade him farewell while he was rediscovering the reassurance of U.S. we have spent a very successful time as CEO USF. I reached Riz’s place on Tuesday, 3oth July 2019 at 1430 by Bus from Lahore after winding my way through picturesque hills on the Salt Range. Riz was kind enough for sending me his driver anf the husband asked me arrive at his residence and also a lunch. I told him that I want to check out a friend to consider back my luggage so Riz suggested to go me off first at his home and are available by metro bus through the night. I agreed. After meeting my good friend, I collected my luggage and riding metro reached Riz residence at 2030 where I was told that Riz was expecting me since 1930. He met me with usual crescent school days fervor so we had a superb dinner. Later I told him that I had to see PTCL Headquarters tomorrow that is certainly Wednesday 31st July 2019. All of an sudden, during our conversation during dinner, Riz laughed and said that one of his friends experienced a visit of Northern Areas and they are generally awesome. Riz asserted he had time those days and now we both may visit Skardu from thu. through sat. that’s 1st to 3rd August 2019. I was overjoyed given it was like a goal come true. I instantly accepted the proposal. On the following morning, after having a lot of rain from evening to about 0900 his driver dropped me at PTCL Hqs where I visited a number of my longtime friends and colleagues together with lunch together.


We started early from Riz place at 0900 because the flight was at 1045 and reached the newest Islamabad airport at 0945. We took the boarding pass and reached the waiting lounge by 1010 am. We boarded the plane by 1025 which became popular exactly at 1050. The scenery, from a few minutes of flight, was exotic and breath taking once we were flying over snow caped high mountains. The captain saw us K2’s snow caped peak, then following a few minutes we took a pointy right turn for landing at Skardu airport so the airplane started losing height sharply. Actually, flying at 8700 m for just a mere 40 min flight is just too much. The air plane took about 2-3 change Skardu city and only it turned out able to land busy way. The view below was breathtaking with Indus and sand and houses and many trees… Anyhow once we landed, no sooner did we come out with the aero plane than the two of us were intrigued with the surroundings with the Skardu airport. Just ignoring riding on the bus that was there to choose us up, I and Riz started taking snaps of lovely mountains throughout. Afterwards, we took your second round of bus and came out in the airport in which a person was there to choose us up from my Hotel. We reached our Hotel in minutes since the accommodation was quite near to manchester international. We took a while to fresh us up and after that immediately took the direction to the Deosai plains which became a 3 hours journey. We started at about 1300 and reached Deosai proper at 1600. It was snowy up at Deosai. The plains are highest on earth after Tibet and therefore are situated for a height of 14000 feet, about 6000 feet on top of the Skardu city. We acquired our light jackets but it absolutely was still frosty. It was also raining knowning that added towards the cold. When we looked at the environment, It seemed like we have reached a fairy land. There were green gently rolling hills all-around will flowers and puffy clouds touching the hills. We took there a significant snap and after that started followed the return route to Skardu at about 1600. On our return journey, we met the marvelous Sadpara lake which consists of turquoise water and also the high speed wind that had been blowing all-around it which I still remember. We then passed from the hydroelectric power plant of Skardu which supplied electricity to Skardu city. After passing through several streams of which Riz stopped the jeep whenever to wash his face while using fresh and icy cold water that he was significantly fond of; we reached Skardu city and took a really nice dinner of chikan boneless handi ( boneless Chicken ) at one on the local restaurants that has been one with the best I ate as of yet.


The second Day was your second of August 2019. The sky was clear, as usual, at Skardu since Skardu lies beyond your influence from the monsoon. As we were significantly tired yesterday so we made a decision to try the complimentary breakfast at our hotel. The breakfast was nice. After taking breakfast it absolutely was already 1030. Now before wasting further time, we started towards upper Kachura Lake. It has got a superb view plus the way ultimately causing it is brimming with streams, waterfalls and lakes. We did a great deal a photography at some in the bridges built on these mountain rivers. When we reached upper Kachura lake we rested for the few minutes then waded with the ice-cold water courtesy Riz ( Riz liked to wade through already and I being reluctant was pushed for the water by him). It was an experience that can not be put into words. Later we stood a delicious lunch of fresh trout fish. By the way I ate Trout initially in my life. It was fresh on the waters and it absolutely was delicious. After spending a few hours at this spot we started for lower Kachura lake that is nearby in a distance of thirty minutes. We parked our jeep within the parking area and walked for approximately 10 minutes or possibly even longer to reach the low Kachura lake which we discovered to be as beautiful because the first one though with facilities of boating, swimming etc. We took an electric motor boat and asked the boatman to look slow to ensure that we can better experience the scenery throughout the lake. We had covered about 50 % a distance when Riz asked the boat man to avoid and allow us to drop near a variety of trees. As we got out from the boat and started climbing the mountain stuffed with trees it had been the most charming experience. Although the ascent was quite steep even so the fragrance around spread from the local herbs and also the scene on the lake through the mountain made the hiking experience a memory to not forget. About an hour of ascent and descent we known as the boatman who picked us up in the hiking spot and time for the boating point. We were built with a lunch of trout on our journey back which has been delicious as usual.

Our next journey was Shangri-La spot which took us about 15 minutes to attain. It’s a beautiful artificial spot designed to be enjoyed together with the family. It has residential apartments and nice restaurants. It has a lake around that this hotels and restaurants are set is particularly beautiful but somewhat marred by human intervention and pollution. We stayed there for around 2 hours and after that returned to hotel for taking some rest. As i was tired to your core, we chose to have dinner inside the hotel.


Since we a flight to Islamabad at 1245 so in order to arrive at Skardu airport no less than on hour earlier at 1145, we were forced to get up and commence our journey quite early as we were to see the gorgeous Shigar valley in depth. Shigar valley is usually a beautiful valley in a distance of 80 km or one and half hours by road from your hotel at Skardu. We started at 0730 within the morning through about 0815 i was passing through the COLD DESERT region of Skardu. It is very interesting that although this region of Pakistan is known for its cool weather in summer however it is so dry plus the rainfall so meagre that certain parts of it have already been converted to virtual deserts! The sand dunes were much like the Cholistan desert in the Punjab or even the Thar desert of Sind. The only difference being that one would be a cold one. After a half hour or and we all reached a spot on the bridge where that it was written that it truly is the entrance to Shigar. After crossing it and having a turn we reached a spot and that is called Shigar view point where whole Shigar valley can be looked at. From a distance the valley is apparently an oasis within a desert. After this point the path gently descends and even as enter the stunning Shigar valley we first pass by the attractive 17 th century mosque built by one on the Rajas from the Shigar Valley therefore the winding road leads us on the famous Shigar fort, when a stronghold of your Raja of Shigar. It was renovated by Agha Khan III and now it really is acquired by the five star hotel company and is particularly being run being a commercial hotel. As the fort opens at 1000 and it turned out only 0930 so we could hardly see the fort in more detail and upon request i was allowed to adopt a general view on the Fort. It became a nice one with beautiful rooms generated for the royalty. After a while we arrived on the scene and took an excellent breakfast at the beautiful spot spanning a rushing river stream just overlooking the Fort. It had been 1000 hours now and then we decided to return to hotel nearby the Skardu Airport. On our in the past, near to the City I stopped for a lot of ice cream, my weak spot, and Riz took some milk shake with falooda. We then proceeded straight for the hotel took the luggage and reached the Airport exactly at 1145. After checking in and boarding etc, we are from the airplane which became popular at 1255. Up inside the clouds, after a little while, we could view the peak of Nangaparbat. Afterwards passing over Mansehra, Abbotabad and Havelian, the Plane started its descent. What a descent it had been. Actually, to fly at 8700 metres inside a 40 minutes flight is simply too much. It took the captain about 10-20 minutes and 2-3 circles around Islamabad airport to land at long last at the runway. It was now 1440 and Riz driver is already waiting to adopt us straight to your homes in Lahore, Thanks to Riz for his courtesy.

No doubt, my vacation to the northern area city of Skardu was the most effective trip I ever had during my whole life.