Entertain Guest in Japan

One of the best methods to entertain guest in Japan should be to give them to be able to ride about the shinkansen (bullet train), suggest to them Mount Fujii, if you can, allow them to take part in a live tea ceremony. Maybe even provide them with a chance to see Akihabara, the famous electronics district.

If time permits I also recommend taking these to places where they could interact with things, such as the Iga Ninja museum where they’re able to take pictures with old ninjas, or perhaps learn the best way to throw ninja stars.

You could also provide them with a chance to dress like a Maiko and even a Samurai, then take pictures of those, and also this way they could get a nice laugh after they show their friends at the office.

I stood a best friend end up here. Nice guy, caucasian guy, New Yoaka, culinary specialist. However, despite having all of his gastronomical knowledge he wasn’t in a position to fully appreciate the Japanese palate.

So here’s the state run way I’d entertain guest if I absolutely were forced to:

1) Food, food, food. Nothing exotic. Start off with recognizable favorites from Japan, like tempura, and yakiniku doing this they won’t crave something heavier at a later date. If their diet plan changes too early, along with jet lag they’ll enjoy their trip less. Sometimes McDonald’s is okay for lunch.

2) Don’t count on mass transit to have around Rent an automobile. Choose easy routes. Just jump for the Kanetsu Expressway and ride it to Niigata. Show them the backcountry or maybe even Gunma. Get lost slightly.

3) Don’t do onsen unless it’s mixed bathing. Instead take these phones Yunneson in Hakone that way they could spend time travelling in swim suits to you. Remember to try akasuri, which is known as skin peeling in English. Japan could be the cheapest and a lot accessible place to obtain it done. Everybody has got to try akasuri one or more times while they’re here! It’s a must. I get it each.

4) Take them driving driving driving. Sometimes people can soak in a great deal more of the surroundings when in a motor vehicle rather than on foot. Sometimes you don’t need to to talk the knowledge away. Let them have the country on their own.

5) Shrines are easier to visit as they are less crowded. Show them how you can wash their hands and teach them a bit about the shrines history. Kamakura is the best spot for this.

Remember, always remember the wagashi, or Japanese confectionary. It’s a must that they can sit down and appreciate some great wagashi. Go to a high priced place, not cheap place.

Lastly, which is a big one. Remember to take your guest with a real authentic or red lantern eatery, that is a place that working-class people can drink inexpensively.

The reason being is which they need to see the real side each day working – class Japanese people, and what it really means to eat normal food.

Himalayas – The Paradise on Earth

India is one of those few places in the world where one can expect to discover something interesting in almost every corner. From Himalayas in the North to Kanyakumari down the South, visit to every Indian city leave travelers with memories to be cherished for lifetime. Upon visiting the country for the first time, I wanted to roam around everywhere like a nomad but due to time constraints I had to plan my journey in and around Himalayas only.

Do you know why I chose this part of the country only? Because I always had the curiosity to find out how the world’s highest mountain system looks like. To my surprise, Himalayas look much more stunning than what it appears in pictures over the Internet. The blanket of snow covering mountain peaks, dazzling water flowing down the hills, staggering lush trees and a peaceful silence all around is what you would get to witness on visiting Himalayas.

Truly, after experiencing all these facets of Himalayas I can say that it has been rightly described as heaven on Earth. Since the day I reached home, I have been recommending my friends to plan tours to India and witness this incredible wonder of nature. Undoubtedly, the charm of this Indian region is enough to keep travelers occupied throughout the stay but if you still want to have some additional fun then Himalayan mountain system has many things to offer.

The Himalayan system is the house to many hill stations and anyone from couples to friends can visit here to enjoy lovely weather. Some of the most popular hill stations in the Himalayan region include Shimla, Kullu Manali, Sarchu, Leh and a few more. Another interesting activity that travelers can enjoy while going on India tour is camping and trekking.

In fact, camping is one of the most common reasons why travelers from around the world visit Himalayas. If you are going for either camping or trekking, make sure you know about all the activities conducted under it. Also, you should ask the concerned person be it camp organizers or travel agents about the facilities offered during camping. Though I am not an expert traveler but would like to advise you to carry plenty of woolen clothes before going to India’s northern part. Carry travel insurance and health insurance so that you don’t have to search here and there in case of emergencies. Lastly, hire a reputed travel agency that can guide you at every step.