The Land of The Tiger

Pristine forests, snaking rivers, marshy grasslands, steep cliffs and table top mounains creates an ecosystem that supports myriads of life forms. This generates a biodiversity that’s worthy of being preserved in ever sinking space occupied by urban surroundings and also the infrastructure development going on at a rapid pace in India. Sal would be the primary flora besides saaz, dhawa, beheda, harra, bel, jamun, palas, amaltas, tendu, tinsa, Indian ghost tree, garri, arjun, banyan, son pakad, peepul, pakri, wild mango, ber and much more. Bamboo is located on the slopes on the table top mountains along with the mixed forest zones.

For the green World Bandhavgarh is usually a jewel from the crown. It is the place to find one in the most endangered creature on Earth. The creature is unquestionably the most beautiful or charismatic at the same time. It dwells inside a complex surroundings absolutely at ease with oneself and thriving. Yes the species is locally thriving as being a prime predator or tertiary carnivore. Being at the top food chain it could be the preserver with the ecosystem.

Humans lived here a very long time back a couple of thousand years or maybe more. The Gond tribes built a fort complex comprising of fort, courts, stables, caves, temples, along with the zoomorphic idols of Lord Vishnu kept them spiritually attached to the creator. The last Maharajah ruled above the fort before deserting it to the better pastures at Rewa a township in Madhya Pradesh or Central India.

The Maharajah now may be the tiger since it rules over this esoteric kingdom of animals and birds. There are plenty of birds, reptiles, insects and microorganisms that thrive throughout wild abundance. This microcosm of life is really a fragile web that support each other plus the humans too.

The most preferred animal would be the tiger which preservation unit is meant to increase ts severely depleted population in India. The unit has seen remarkable success with numbers increasing each and every year. This breeding ground of big cats continues to be provided with intense protection and is particularly subject to conservation measures many of which are natural even though some depend upon human intervention.

A tiger conservation unit indirectly benefits all life forms and so may be the case with Bandhavgarh. The population of herbivores like deer, antelopes, and primates which constitute the leading prey with the big cats has substantially increased inside park. The park is where you can more that 190 fifty type of birds resulting in twenty plus kind of reptiles or snakes. Python, cobra, krait, vipers, rat snake, tree snakes, racers, trinket snakes and keelbacks are sometimes seen in daytime.

Among the wild animals Nilgai, chinkara, barking deer, chital, sambar, langur, wild boars and bison are noticed during the safaris. The park is divided into core area and also the outer area called buffer. The core would be the best breeding ground even though the wild animals have spread on the buffer at the same time.

Popular for tourism Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is wonderful for photography. Many filmmakers and wildlife enthusiasts check out the reserve. But the largest variety of visitors are the break makers.

Spend Time In Nature and The Outdoors

So get ready, pack your bags, put on the shoes and acquire set for a journey. Whenever you decide on a spot for a trek concur that the place is loaded with plentiful of spots. Go for just a place its keep are plenty of captivating forests, gigantic mountains, mesmerizing waterfalls and picture perfect landscapes that may be explored.

Here are a handful of tips that is useful available for you while enjoying a trek:-

Always practice prior to trek

If you plan for a trek after the month as well as after six months, the primary criteria to become kept in mind is you have to necessarily carry on practicing. That means you need to increase the body strength and fitness slowly and steadily. You should give your body time for you to adapt to the brand new demands that you’ll be placing about it. Training, fitness and strength together will assist you to enjoy the trek. Walking to have an hour daily may also be helpful you to improve your body strength and fitness.

Pack your bags systematically

The next essential thing when you plan a trek would be the essentials being carried. Always remember that whenever you are over a trek carry all the stuff like medicines, food, water bottles, dry snacks, sun glasses, cap, extra footwear for women and socks, sandals if neccessary, a couple of pairs of clothes (should the trek is perfect for more than couple of days), towels, sleeping bag, walking stick, camera, binoculars, torch, plate, spoons, bowl, glass for lunch, breakfast or lunch plus a rucksack to help keep all the above things.

Shop once and for all quality footwear

It is incredibly necessary that you shop forever footwear on your trek. When you select your shoes, walking practice is quite essential with those shoes in order to avoid blisters in the trek. Select correct sized your shoes. Wrong size may land you in difficulty around the actual day of trek.

Along with shoes also opt for right set of socks. The right shoes with wrong socks will ruin your trek. So while fitting shoes, wear precisely the same socks that you simply intend to use within the day of trek. Look for material containing sweat captivating properties. If you are enjoying a trek in monsoon then try for water-proof socks which are generally without difficulty available in any sports outlet.

Always go with some gym work

Now in addition to walking, gym work can also help one to enhance your capability to walk on treks. It would strengthen your whole body muscles thereby help one to enjoy inclinations within the trek without getting tired. If you’re not a gym person then choose yoga and meditation. It would also help you to enhance your body strength.

Practice on similar walking landscape

Walking is extremely essential for training. It can be quite important to mimic the situations you are going to experience during trek. So practice on similar walking trails. Try to experience a loaded rucksack with exactly the same clothes and shoes that you just are gonna wear within the trek. It will make a terrific difference to your speed if you actually trek.

Practice while using rucksack

Every time you walk or practice you ought to use the rucksack that you just are to likely to carry along with you for the trek. So while deciding on a rucksack on the store, check whether it’s fit for you personally and whether you’ll be able to carry it properly lying on your back. Also obtain a rucksack containing appropriate strips to support it face up and chest. A good rucksack with proper dimensions can help you to definitely stand the stress in it.

Use walking sticks for grip

It will be a good option make use of walking sticks while trekking then it does not affect the knees. Sometimes unless you land properly or maybe you fall mistakenly then a direct pressure of the fall could go on your legs. Therefore usage of walking sticks can be very effective. Generally these sticks could well be of a terrific help if you are descending on the mountains.

Keep hydrated while walking

The next suggestion would be to maintain hydrated. You should always stay well hydrated while trekking. Whether the climate is hot or cold your whole body will require water caused by sweating and losses for the breath. Your heart would must work harder to be a result of that you simply will feel thirsty and exhausted. So regular sodas small amount of water frequently throughout your day. Energy drink would also prove as being a good option and keep you hydrated.

Fuel your power requirements

Try to consume small but regular meals and snacks about the trek to keep the energy levels. This would supply you with energy to accomplish the trek successfully. Eating of fruits is a great option as it will maintain your time levels. It will be easy to carry and eat fruits around the move to your mountains which is excellent substitute for boost your current. While you might be practicing with the trek you can research the food also. Never choose oily and high food within the trek.

Keep fit and experience the trek

Last however, not the least; the most thing is to maintain fit. Keep on practicing and experience the trek about the actual day of execution. Your trekking experience can be very exciting and interesting for anyone who is fit. A trek could be easy to suit your needs only if you’re fit. You will need to spend lots of time, money as well as to get to your trekking location. It also requires efforts. So it makes sense to become in sound condition and have suitable fitness.

A Safari Through The Wilderness Of Jim Corbett

India is a vast country with a rich heritage, culture, art and literature. India offers many monuments and holy places to the tourists. Different types of tourisms are encouraged in India like wildlife tourism, Medical tourism, adventure tourism, hill stations and beach tourisms. Different states of India offer different types of tourism. The lush green scenery and the beautiful backwaters attract tourists to Kerala -“GOD’S OWN COUNTRY”. The beaches of Goa have a magnetic effect on the tourists. Kashmir, Kulu Manali, Shimla, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Ranthambore, Jaisalmer and Uttarakhand are the other preferred tourist holiday destinations in India.

There are many wildlife sanctuaries which offer a veriety of flora and fauna and one such destination is Corbett National Park located in established in 1936. It is very close to Nainital which in itself is a very popular tourist destination of Uttarakhand. The enchanting scenic beauty of Uttarakhand, also called Dev Bhoomi, is worth exploring. The state is very popular for its high mountains, Himalayan peaks, variety of flora and fauna, dense forests and the lovely glaciers. The cool climate also makes it a perfect destination. Corbett offers both wildlife and nature experience.

This was the first national park in India and it is surrounded by large lakes, dense deciduous forests (comprising of Sal, people and mango trees) and grasslands. Jim Corbett is famous for its biological diversities and geographical positions. It consists of 488 species of flora, 585 different kinds of birds, 50 mammals including the tiger, jungle cat, leopards, fishing cat, otter, 33 species of reptiles, 7 species of amphibians, and 37 species of dragonflies. This sanctuary comes under “Project Tiger”. The key feature of this project is the protection of the endangered tigers. This project also encourages eco tourism. It houses Bengal tigers and many other wildlife species like Himalayan Bears, elephants, deer, jackals etc amongst thick dense forest. Holiday packages for Corbett are different than traditional tour packages. Corbett holiday packages can be customized according to the requirements of the visitors.

Those who love wildlife can have a real treat in Jim Corbett. Trekking is very popular here along with Jeep Safari, which another temptation is for the tourist offering them to explore the jungle leisurely. One can also ride the backs of elephant to explore the national park. Corbett museum, Kaladung and Kalagarh Dam are worth experiencing in Corbett tour packages. Jhirna is also an attractive spot which is located between the National park and Kalagarh. Corbett is an ideal place for the bird watching enthusiasts. Corbett holiday packages are a memorable experience for those who really want to know more about the world we are living in.