6 Crazy Things To Do In The New Year

What crazy things will you be looking to do this New Year? Extreme sports and unusual recreational tours are getting more and more popular as we all look for something to do that we have never done before. It makes us feel alive and gives us inspiration when we change from our daily routines. Yak Skiing This is one I really would like to try. Similar to that of Skijoring only this time we change the dog or the horse for a yak. The main difference between Skijoring and yak skiing is the yak is much stonger than a horse and in deep snow attached by ropes.

Yaks can run pretty fast suprisingly so give it a go! Volcano Crater Tour Volcano tours are becoming more popular, and there are many places that you can do this. Etna in Italy, only of the many volcanoes in Iceland or Rift Valley in Tanzania to name a few. You get amazing views, stand on top of a volcano and get your own private guide. You do need to be relatively fit as it can be a trek up to the summits. Summits also depend on the volcanic activity at the time. Extreme Snow Podding Officially called as the Sleggon, this is a new design of sledge. To me it looks quite dangerous and I imagine it can go at some speed so be careful should you take upon one But if it is a need for speed you are looking for then head into one of the Worlds beautiful mountain ranges and find a nice snowy slope to zoom down.

Walk and Climb El Camino Del Rey First of all, you do need to be quite a fit climber to be able to do this one and secondly you have to be a little crazy to want to do it in the first place! El Camino Del Rey at El Chorro in Spain is classed as one of the most scariest walking paths in the World. The path is in pretty bad condition eroding under your feet as you go. By many this is a challenge and a sport. The government are planning on reforming it within the next few years when it will be open to the public. Tornado Watching Nature is fascinating and nothing more so than tornados. The force of them is something no mankind can control, thus makes us interested. Kansas in America is the most active place on the planet for tornados.

You can join tours of specialist tornado chasers who will give you the ride of a lifetime! These things close up are pretty scary I can imagine so make sure you go with people who know what they are doing. Visit the most Haunted Places As silly as it sounds, I bet most people would get an adrenaline rush and maybe a little bit scared if you were to stay in one of the Worlds most haunted places. People have studied this subject for many years but is there really firm evidence that ghosts exists? Why not go find out? So number 7 on the list is to go scare your self silly with a group of friends and report back to us what you experienced! Ride a Camel For centuries man has used camels as a way of transport across the dry desserts of the planet where water is scarce.

They maybe not my idea of mans best friend but I do have a fascination with them. They are somewhat different to riding a horse and the pace is not as smooth but it is an enjoyable tour if you want something a bit unique. Whilst looking for your perfect holiday home be a villa in Spain, an apartment in France or a Condo in America, looking for a new sport or a holiday with a difference then consider one of these crazy things to do whilst on vacation.

Seven Things To Do In Sydney

Things to do in Sydney are The rocks: this is the one of the most popular landmark in this city, it is a precinct historic place it contains many sandstone buildings, mountains, cobblestone streets, it is a historic place so many schools have an excursion and this street has many dinning and is situated in the southern harbor of a city, it takes very little time to walk from opera house to this street, it is established in 1978 after the street formation was completed, and street has many early buildings which are made up of sand stone.

This street is highly featured with: Historic walks, rocks markets, historic pubs, historic buildings, craft shops, some of the historic buildings are caiman’s cottage, Sydney museum, dews point battery. Circular quay: this is a major point or a hub this is a place which interconnects many trains, buses and local trains in one place, so it is also called as a transport hub. It is nearer to the Sydney Harbor Bridge and opera house. It is a place where you can book tickets for trains and cruises to travel. This circular quay is a major attraction to city.

Features of the transport hub: Sydney Olympic park: suburb the western city is 16 kilometers from the central city; this place has a developmental Olympic park. This park is meant for Olympic Games and high celebrations. Many sporting and cultural events are popular in this park. City annual events are also performed in this park because of large space and its facilities.

This park is built at the time 2000 Olympic Games, it also act as a children play ground, and board walk sports which are conducted in this park are national rugby league, Australia rugby league, Australian football league, athletics and swimming. Taranga zoo: taroga zoo is the is the famous zoo in Australia which is located in capital city of Australia in Sydney, this zoo contains many wild and exotic animals. So many people from all over the world visit this zoo. This zoo was opened in 17 October 1916 situated in Mossman of city harbor.

This zoo contains three thousand fifty animals and two thousand five hundred zoo is equipped with over night stay and free bird show, this zoo is equipped with large number of native and exotic animals which include koalas, kangaroos, echidnas and frilled Mountains: this Blue Mountains gives a pleasant look nature it looks beautiful so it a correct place for photography. The air from the city enters in to this Blue Mountains and gives a blowing sound. Near to this Blue Mountains there are many shopping centers, horse riding and Jenolan caves. The katoomba is a place which is nearer to this Blue Mountains. Every international tourist will visit this place in their tour and appreciating its beauty. There are many lodges; hotels which are near to this spot in this you can spend your two to three nights to enjoy this nature beauty. Note: Sydney is a good spot for a nature lovers rather than technology and shopping areas.