Adventures Galore With India Wildlife Tour Packages

Has the wildlife bug bitten you and your desire to explore the diverse fauna become insatiable? You do not have to look far and wide for what is present right here, in the very diverse India with as diverse and abundant flora and fauna as its diverse languages. With the country boasting of about 60-70% of the world’s biodiversity, there is much to be seen, learnt and taken back home in your heart and memories. India Wildlife tour packages provide a much needed break from the hectic daily schedule, so that you can witness the great animal kingdom at its best. Take a tour of the stretches of green wildlife reserves around India, with safaris everyday to experience a truly wonderful sight.

Jim Corbett National Park and Ranthambore will give you an opportunity to take a glimpse at the ever-elusive big cats, the tigers, which are nearing extinction today. If you are into bird-watching, then head to the many bird sanctuaries that are spread across India, to have a glance at birds of all sizes and colors, each with its distinct call. You may even encounter birds which a keen bird-watcher like yourself had never laid eyes upon, and be fascinated by the several migratory birds within the sanctuaries. Most of the wildlife sanctuaries will give you informative tours and safaris around the whole place.

To enjoy the quiet company of these beasts, visit the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, which is the only sanctuary of its kind for rhinos in India, though it also provides shelter to elephants and tigers. Living in the wild, they look majestic and at ease with their surroundings. Though photography is not prohibited, but no photograph can be better than the imprint of your experience that you take back home in your heart.

If you were now wondering where to put up, then you needn’t look any farther, because India Wildlife tour packages also offer you accommodation at the many lavish resorts and hotels at very short distances from the sanctuaries.

Every facility that could make your vacation pleasing can be found at these resorts. Have the luxury of trying out numerous lip-smacking cuisines offered here which would have you longing for more. Relax and spend quality time with your loved ones in the game lounges and swimming pools or just walk barefoot on the lush greens of the beautiful lawns.

Special tour packages also offer stay at the opulent resorts within the wildlife sanctuary that are simply splendid in terms of service and accommodation. All of this and the flight/train bookings, hotel reservations etc. are looked after by the tour packages, so that you can really give your whole time and attention to yourself and your loved ones, within a wild and adventurous haven.